Hill House Llamas

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I have a lot of fun with the llamas and it's always nice to be able to share their achievements with the public.  Here is just a tiny selection of some of the most memorable things we have been up to lately!  I warn you.....we pop up everywhere!

The One Show


I was invited up to a farm in Gloucestershire, to film 'Man V Llama', a short film focusing on the merits of using llamas as livestock guardians. 

Interview by Mike Dilger Directed by Ben Anderson

Aired: 7th April 2015

 Behind the scenes on 

The One Show shoot

Simply Knitting
Immediate Media Company Ltd
A flattering double page article by Judy Darley.  Billed as the UK's No.1 Knitting magazine, we were lucky enough to have a feature written about us - how I spin and knit the llamas' fibre and how I fundraised by selling knitted llamas.

Issue 129, February 2015

It Magazine

Local World

A lovely double page article by Maxine Irving in a magazine whose aim is to, "bring you stories about the lives of some of the most interesting women in Somerset"  in this case though, think it was the animals that were interesting, rather than the owner!!

Issue 1, March/April 2015 

Children in Need 2012


BBC South Today's Alexis Green and BBC Berkshire's Nicki Whiteman go head to head at the Royal Berkshire's Agricultural Show, in a Children in Need challenge. Our very own Ollie appears 2:27 minutes into the clip, however it's quite funny to watch the film in it's entirety!

Filmed September 2012

Llama Link Magazine

British Llama Society

Ollie, picking up an award at the National Championships 

Autumn 2012

Llama Link Magazine

British Llama Society

Eric, modelling the latest in must-have llama headgear for the Christmas season!

Winter 2013/14

Village Fetes

Headlining in Pet's Corner!

This poster was spotted on a village notice board in Oakhill; the llamas were top attraction in Pets Corner!  Hattie and Ollie attended.

July 2014

WI Life Magazine

The Women's Institute

This one was a surprise! We popped up in the Letters Page after a member fell in love with Hattie when we spoke at one of their meetings.

Issue 64, November 2014 

Steve Yabbsley

BBC Radio Bristol

After a light-hearted bit of banter on one of his shows about llamas; a listener phoned in to say there were llama farmers living in the area!  Steve did a bit of research, found me and we met up for a chat.  The interview aired in May 2011 and was repeated again in December of the same year as being one of his favourite interviews of the year.  Here is Steve giving a very young Ollie one of his bottles of milk.

May 2011