Hill House Llamas

Welcome to Hill House Llamas!

My name is Caroline and I have been keeping llamas since 2001. I am married to Jon and we have 2 sons; Harry who is 12 and James who is 9. Like most llama owners, I began with a pair of llamas and now have 12 llamas and 1 alpaca!  

      The herd is based on the edge of the Mendips in Somerset and is a mixture of youngsters that were born here and adults who have been 'rescued' from people who just could not keep them anymore. In 2015, we were overjoyed to be able to buy a property with a little bit of land, so after nearly 15 years in rented fields, the llamas (formerly known as the llama-rama llamas) were able to join us at Hill House and are now known as the Hill House Llamas.

      Please take a while to wander around the website. Meet the llamas, browse the unique range of llama themed gifts for sale or check out the Blog to see what the herd has been up to lately!  

Fun with Llamas

Think llamas are boring? Think again! Our llamas just love agility; dressing up; appearing in films and on TV and meeting people. (Lots of people)! Life as a llama farmer is never dull! Follow us on Facebook or read our Blog to find out what we've been up to lately. 

Looking for llama gifts?

For an amazing range of quality llama gifts, please head across to our sister website which is packed full of llama goodies!

Get to know our llamas

Llamas are interesting creatures, each with a very different personality - just like us humans really! Have a wander around the website and see if you can work out who is the friendliest llama? Who is the craziest? How about the cutest? Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think!