Are your llamas friendly?

Our llamas are well-socialised, very friendly and pleasant to be around.  They are all extremely curious and most of the herd will approach people with ease.  A couple of our llamas simply aren't that fond of people - so they tend to just keep their distance.  Unless you have their favourite food with you!

Do llamas spit?

All llamas will spit at each other from time to time, as a way of disciplining lower-ranked llamas in the herd.  Our llamas are well socialised and trained and will never spit at people.  We will show you how to rad their body language if one gets irritated by another, to ensure you don't get caught in the cross-fire!

Where do llamas come from?

Llamas come from South America.  They have been used for centuries as pack animals.

What is a baby llama called?

Baby llamas are called cria