Jenny is one of our rescued llamas, coming to us after intervention from the RSPCA, when neighbours reported suspicions of neglect.

She settled in very well and has proved to be a formidable character when it comes to food.  Psychologically scarred from her last home, she never fully believes food is not now in short supply.  She has learned to take lids off feed buckets, steal treats from pockets and I have recently learned that when she hears our neighbouring horse owners arriving, she will call to them from the shared water trough - and keep calling to them until she receives a piece of chopped carrot or other tasty morsel!  

She is a gentle llama,  who still loves people, especially if they come bearing gifts of chopped carrot!  

Adopting Jenny couldn't be easier! 

Simply click on the links to finalize your order.

Once your order has been received, I will then contact you by email to find out who you would like the certificate made out to.  Packs are usually dispatched very quickly, but please allow up to a week for delivery.

The adoption gift pack is amazing value and contains:

A personalised welcome letter, a personalised adoption certificate, a lovely colour photograph of Jenny, interesting information about the entire herd, an invitation to sign up for the llamas' e-newsletter and the all important voucher inviting the recipient to book a session where they can come and spend time with their very own llama!

We have been successfully running this adopt-a-llama scheme now, since 2007 and it has proven to be a very popular gift for young and old alike!  Unlike many other adopt-an-animal schemes, the recipient will also get the chance to come and spend a session (by appointment) with Jenny.  These sessions generally last for around an hour, during which time they will be introduced to the chosen llama, given the opportunity to mingle with the entire herd (helping to feed them, groom them, getting to know them) and perhaps even getting the chance to take one out for a short walk, or try their hand at a spot of llama agility.  The emphasis in these sessions is on having fun - and this applies to both llamas and visitors.

Whilst the visit is designed to concentrate on introducing the llama adopter to Jenny and her friends, we do allow the rest of the family, or a couple of friends, to attend the session too at no extra charge. 


You know your money will be well spent because every single penny received goes directly back into the care and welfare of all our llamas.

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