Ollie The Diary of a Llama Farmer, by Caroline Pembro


This book tells the story of Ollie, a little llama who was orphaned at birth and his struggle for survival.

Second in the hugely popular, DIARY OF A LLAMA FARMER trilogy, "Ollie" chronicles the orphaned llama's early life.

Once again, readers will be quickly drawn into the saga.  Will Caroline manage to get the little fellow into adulthood?  Can she avoid the onset of berserk male syndrome, so common in bottle-fed youngsters?  And what do the rest of the herd get up to whilst Caroline's attention is focussed on bringing up baby?

Follow the progress of the llama-rama llamas in this heart-warming tale of the trials and tribulations of life as a llama farmer!

Packed full of amusing anecdotes, fascinating facts and wonderful photographs, this book captures the passion and enthusiasm behind Caroline's work rescuing and rehoming needy llamas.


1st edition, published 2013

97 pages

ISBN 978-095767-500-1

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